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Great informative post!

Post  Kikeviec on Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:31 pm

Hello. The current and last version of shrink can be gotten here shrink is producing an error while trying to rip the video files to your HDD (when you choose/click backup), it's more than likely due to copy protection it is unable to handle/process.For these movies, try using a free ripper/decrypter like DVDFab decrypter to rip to your HDD with. You can get it here a guide on use if needed DVDFab is done, simply open the files it created using DVDshrink and proceed as you normally would.Note: Sometimes shrink will have a problem opening the files created by DVDFab, in this case you can try processing the files thru VobBlanker first then open the newly created video files by VobBlanker using shrink.VobBlanker option is to use another free app like ripit4me, you can get it here along with guides on use 17 Oct 2006 @ 12:36Use Anydvd and believe HD Decrypter (free)... Worry Be Happy:)


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